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FIFA 23 - PlayStation 5

FIFA 23 - PlayStation 5

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EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 brings The World’s Game to the pitch, with both men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup™ tournaments, the addition of women’s club teams, cross-play features, and new ways to play your favorite modes.


Enjoy a more true-to-life football experience in FIFA 23 with new gameplay features that create risk-versus-reward shooting, new free kick, penalty, and corner mechanics, and more football variety:

  • Power Shots - A new skill-based, risk versus reward shooting mechanic brings football’s most powerful and impressive shots into the game. Create space away from defenders, pick your spot and trigger a power shot to add additional power to your strike and a chance of the spectacular.
  • Redesigned Set Pieces - A set piece redesign gives you more control over free kicks, penalties and corners, allowing you to choose where you make contact on the ball to change direction, trajectory, curl, and more. Plus an update to camera positions on corners better reflects the drama of dead ball situations.
  • On-Pitch Physics - Updated physics in FIFA 23 makes a number of on-pitch interactions more natural and realistic:
  • Net Interaction Physics - New net physics reacts to the motion of players, responding to individual limbs and creating more natural interactions with the net as players run, slide, or fall into the goal.
  • Player Awareness - A new collision prediction system enhances players’ awareness on the pitch, allowing them to move intelligently to avoid tackles and collisions.
  • Football Variety - New animations and mechanics bring more natural football variety into FIFA 23 to bring the game closer to the real world.
  • Shooting - See different shot trajectories including low, dipping, and bouncing shots alongside diving headers.
  • Defending - Hard clearance slide tackles, physical tackles, and even backheel tackles give you more ways to defend against oncoming attackers.
  • Passing - New passing types give you new ways to find teammates, with outside of foot passes, fancy off-the-back passes, volley passes, and new clearance animations.
  • CPU AI Tactical Awareness - Tactical enhancements mean AI opponents better react and respond tactically to the on-pitch situation, including factors like score, match time, and available players on the bench to change and update formations and playing style mid-game.
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